Job Requirements

The requirements for a job vary according to the nature of the job itself. However, a certain work ethic must be cultivated to succeed in any job and this is fundamental to an individual’s sense of himself as a worker, as part of production relations and a fundamental economic being. The basic requirements for a job remain the same no matter what the job is, where it is located or what professional and educational qualifications are required for it. These are as follows:

Discipline: Nothing is possible without discipline. Any job requires a fundamental core of discipline from the worker or the employee and this is a quality which is independent of age, post, stature, job and so on. Discipline is absolutely indispensable and provides the impetus for work that can be strenuous, repetitive, boring and even unsatisfactory at times.

Enthusiasm: Enthusiasm for work is also a pre-requisite for any job. An innate love for the job, which in modern parlance is known as job satisfaction, is a core requirement for any job. The drive to succeed, to innovate, to do well and to make one’s profession into one’s livelihood is a critical drive which needs to be present in the employee or cultivated as soon as possible. No job, however perfectly carried out, can evoke the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done without the instinct for success.

Qualifications: This is a more material, tactile need for a job which can be conveyed through degrees and certificates. However education is not limited to what is taught in colleges or vocational training courses. It is the burning desire to learn more, to reach the depths of knowledge about a particular field of interest, to complete the job and learn from it that marks the true enthusiast and the truly learned.

Soft Skills: Soft skills include those skills which ensure that a job is executed well, and the employee can carry himself in the proper manner too. For example, good and smooth communication, computer skills, proficiency in language if needed, presentable appearance, the ability to manage crises are all soft skills which are fundamentally important in any job and which must be cultivated consciously.

Thus, the requirements of a job, though specific to it, cover also a general spectrum. These make for better employees and better individuals.