Account Coordinator Job Requirements

An account coordinator is a professional who works at the junior levels in the industries of advertisement and marketing. If working on a team on a specific project or assignment, the account coordinator contributes to it by helping in the matters related to the administration and helps in with the creative aid needed for the efficient execution of the project by the team.

Educational Requirements:

  • The person interested should possess at least a high school diploma.
  • Then to move on to the next step of becoming an accountant, he should be well educated in the fields of accounting, business studies and the like, with a graduate degree of minimum 4 years.

Job requirements:

  • The account coordinators should be diligent with their tasks, as they have to meet the deadlines.
  • He should have good organization abilities which would help him in maintaining the contact databases of the company.
  • He should be efficient in his work when it comes to composing client memos.
  • When asked to deliver an audio-visual presentation, he should be able to present it in a way to attract the attention and make sense to the Management or people it is addressed to.
  • Being a junior member, he should be able to manage more than one account at a time without much difficulty.
  • He should actively participate in the meetings conducted and should offer help suggestions and tips whenever required.
  • He should try his best to solve the problems faced by the clients.
  • He should take initiative in dealing with clients, on the basis of which in some time according to his performance and capabilities, he may be assigned to deal with clients directly on a one-to-one basis, communicating with them, giving them ideas, etc.
  • Among other tasks, he should be able to organize events and meetings on a short notice, when asked to.

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