Account Executive Job Requirements

The job of an account executive is to establish, enhance and maintain long term favorable relationships with the existing clientele as well as the potential one. The job of an account executive is a versatile one, independent of the industry they work in, They can choose the company they are comfortable working with on the basis of past experience, convenience, etc. A company hires and employs an account executive to keep its customer base satisfied, to avoid loss of business opportunities, increase the sales and the revenue generated and increase the company’s business prospects.

Educational Qualifications:

  • The minimum requirement for one to even think about becoming an account executive is a high school diploma.
  • A lot of companies feel comfortable hiring those individuals who have pursued a 4 year intensive course in the fields of business, communication, marketing, human resources, advertising, etc.
  • For larger firms, a college degree becomes a minimum requirement, whereas for the small scale ones, a high school diploma is acceptable.
  • A lot of times, the bar of educational qualifications is lowered for those having a proof of brilliant sales performance, and amazing inter-personal skills.

Job Requirements:

  • Since most of their work is limited to communicating with new clients and entering into new partnerships, the communication skills should be exceptional.
  • They should have a neat and professional appearance which would make them seem responsible and confident professionals to the other party. Having good speaking skills also helps in convincing the client to seal the deal with your company.
  • The account executives of a company work in close collaboration with the various departments of a company, such as the sales or the marketing departments.
  • They present new and challenging strategies to the Management from time to time for better marketing and increased sales.

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