Administrative Assistant Job Requirement

Administrative assistant is required to work as a part of the administration department and assist in carrying out various administrative tasks including planning and developing administrative systems, preparing administrative policies, implementing them, maintaining file records and handling a number of other related tasks.

One is expected to have a degree in office administration or administrative assistance in order to become an administrative assistant. In addition to the educational qualification having some work experience in the administrative field helps in getting a good opportunity. Many employers also provide some on-the-job training to the candidates hired for this position in order to train them handle these tasks appropriately.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma
  • Attending a regular Administrative Assistant Degree program helps in obtaining the position of an administrative assistant
  • Attending an online course in administrative assisting may also fetch you the position of an administrative assistant in certain companies.
  • Pursuing a course in MS Office is also necessary as the position requires working on Ms Excel and other MS Office applications.

Job Requirements

  • Candidate aspiring to become an administrative assistant should have the ability to work in association with other staff members and coordinate well with them to carry out various assigned tasks.
  • Candidate should have good reporting skills
  • Candidate must have good communication skills as he needs to communicate with staff members from different departments and may be even the external clients.
  • Candidate should be trained in working on various Microsoft Office applications
  • Candidate should have the ability to plan and develop useful administrative processes.
  • Candidate aiming to become an administrative assistant must be skilled enough to manage the implemented processes.
  • Candidate must be good at analyzing the given information
  • Candidate should have professionalism
  • He should have quick problem solving ability.
  • Candidate should be able to handle inventory control and supply management.

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