Air Traffic Controller Job Requirements

An Air traffic controller is in a position of great responsibility, one who is expected to take total control of all the important points of the flights which includes perfect safety measures as well. They are also required to make sure that the arrivals and the departures of the flights are as per the schedule. Their job responsibilities include, steering and supervision of the pilots, guiding and to instructing the pilots through Radio, they also need to make sure that the minimum distance between two planes are tracked and maintained correctly, they also would be expected to provide exact information about the weather conditions, they should also be prepared to handle emergencies, unexpected events and unprepared traffic.

The candidates working in this position should be self driven, highly motivated and also be extremely committed. Various air traffic controller job requirements are given below.

Education Requirements

  • A first class engineering degree in electronics/radio communication or a master’s degree in science or mathematics.
  • The above degree would qualify the candidate for an entry into the Air Traffic Controller examination.

Job Requirements

  • Very good aptitude skills
  • Must have good decision making skills and also good communication skills.
  • The position requires fitness both physically and mentally.
  • Excellent skills to make sure the level of accuracy provided to the pilots are accurate and precise to avoid any mishaps.
  • They are required to have very good knowledge about the entire process of the flight scheduling, arrivals, departures, radio transmission signals, landing procedures, safety of the passengers to and from the airport.
  • Numerical accuracy is very important.
  • They should be emotionally stable at all times.
  • They should always be open to learning and adapting to the constant changes.
  • High level of concentration is expected at all times.

If a candidate has all these qualities, he can sure get selected as an Air Traffic Controller without any problem.

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