Airport Manager Job Requirements

An airport manager plays an important role in the management of an airport and all the operations taking place in it. They may work for an international or in a domestic airport. Though they may not have direct control over the flying activities, they have to ensure that all the rules and regulations of the Federal Aviation Administration are followed. It is necessary for an airport manager to maintain cordial relationship with the airlines companies whose planes fly in the airport. The maintenance of runway and airport premise is supervised by the airport manager. They also have to look into aspects like budgeting, recruitment of new staff and maintaining public relations. It is necessary that an airport runs safely as well as efficiently and the airport manager is responsible for ensuring that.

Education Requirements:

  • An applicant must have pursued a high school course that includes subjects like English, mathematics and social studies
  • A bachelors degree in business administration or business management is necessary
  • Undergoing a program that gives experience in all aspects of airport management is an advantage
  • A masters degree in business administration increases the chances of getting the job
  • The applicant must have a college degree that includes subjects like finance, business law, management policies, aviation legalization, economics and public relations

Job Requirements:

  • The applicant must have excellent verbal as well as communication skills
  • He must be fluent in English and also an advantage if he knows foreign language in case he is working in an international airport
  • It is necessary to possess excellent leadership qualities
  • Must have strong management skills
  • Needs to have the ability to maintain public relations
  • Must have excellent knowledge about the principles of airport management
  • Needs to be good at multitasking
  • Needs to have knowledge about security procedures

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