Criminal Analyst Job Requirements

A criminal analyst is an individual who work behind the scenes of crime investigation in order to deliver valuable information to the law enforcement officials working in the field.  They usually have to collect data that can be used in solving all criminal cases. A criminal analyst has to pull information from feeds given by law enforcement professionals and police reports to create graphs, geographic maps, charts and reports.

These charts and graphs are used to identify the pattern of the crimes and areas where future crimes can take place. A criminal analyst has to work with special software in order to prepare action plans.

Education Requirements

  • An individual aspiring to be a criminal analyst must have at least a Bachelor’s degree preferably in Mathematics.
  • Bachelor’s degree or a diploma course in behavior science is required
  • Bachelor’s degree with major in information systems or psychology
  • Should have sound knowledge in statistics
  • An individual with Master’s of Science in criminal justice has more chances of a job opportunity
  • Knowledge in criminal justice and public information is must
  • Should know how to use investigation software applications
  • Additional knowledge in research design is very helpful
  • Should know how to use geographic information systems

Job Requirements

  • Must have familiarity with statistical analysis fundamentals
  • The applicant should know methods of crime analysis
  • Must have the ability to prepare trend projections and probability models
  • Proficiency to  use computers  and knowledge about computer programs
  • Should have the ability to think logically
  • Must be strategical in his approach
  • Ability to come up with conclusions based on evidences is necessary
  • Needs to have excellent research skills
  • Should know how to design computer database to gather criminal data
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.

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