Criminal Investigator Job Requirements

A criminal investigator is an individual who has an important role to play in catching the culprit committing a certain crime.  They are the mind behind the investigation process in any crime scene. He has to study the entire crime scene by looking for smallest details that will act as evidence or a clue and also try to find out what could had occurred and how.

They may also have to submit evidence to the forensic department for tests. After the tests are done in the forensic lab, they consult the forensic professional to get more information about the evidence.

Education Requirements

  • An individual aspiring to work as a criminal investigator should pursue  a bachelor’s degree with chemistry or biology background
  • If a criminal investigator also has to work in a forensic lab analyzing evidences he has to pursue a degree in forensic science, forensic anthropology or forensic biology
  • Other than degree in forensic science it is necessary to undergo an additional forensic training
  • An individual aspiring to be a crime scene investigator can also pursue a certificate course  or two year degree program in crime scene investigation
  • A criminal investigator dealing with legal issues has to pursue a post secondary degree in police science or criminal justice
  • The candidate must be above 21 years old
  • An individual aspiring to work as a criminal investigator should have a valid driver’s license
  • They should have the ability to pass physical requirements like vision and hearing tests
  • They should have social skills as they may have to deal with number of strangers
  • They should be physically fit as they sometimes have to run and chase suspects
  • Should be always alert and aware about the surroundings

Job Requirements

An individual fulfilling the above education requirements and job requirements can work as a criminal investigator.

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