Dance Therapist Job Requirements

Dance therapists help the candidates in healing from various problems with the help of dance therapy. More and more people are turning towards this dance therapy these days in order to gain mental peace and this is the reason why the dance therapists are much in demand these days. Dance therapists offer a unique therapy with the help of which people are able to find peace of mind and get rid of mental stress without taking any medication.

They make use of creative movements to heal the patients and help them get out from different traumatic situations. Though you may not find many dance therapists around but with the increasing demand many people are turning towards this profession.

Educational Requirement

  • It is essential to attain a high school diploma with good grades; this is the minimal requirement.
  • It is recommended to go for classical dance training if you are aiming to become a dance therapist. These professionals must be trained in at least one dance form.
  • Different states may have different education requirements; it is recommended to visit the American Dance Therapy Association’s website to know more on the courses for this profession.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate must have a creative bent of mind as he needs to evolve new and creative dance steps.
  • An aspiring dance therapist must have the ability to build a rapport with the clients. They must be able to make their clients feel comfortable so that the later can share their problems with them.
  • The candidate must be able to understand well the issues being faced by his clients.
  • The candidate must be a trained dancer and should be able to dance skillfully. He should also be able to teach dancing moves to his clients.
  • He needs to have complete knowledge about the various dance therapy procedures.
  • The candidates should have effective communication skills; he should be able to explain his point appropriately to the clients.

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