Data Entry Clerk Job Requirements

A data entry clerk is an individual who is hired by firms/ businesses to enter data of varied types into a computer system. The type of the data being entered and the type of software being used varies with company and business types, but the basic job of the data entry clerk remains the same.

The most important aspects of this job are the accuracy and the speed with which the data is entered. Besides just entering the data the clerks may also be required to check the data, monitor the computer/ databases of the business and also enhance the system periodically.

Education Requirements

  • There is no strict education requirement for this position, but these data entry clerks usually do hold a high school diploma or a GED.
  • The employers may require the individual to take certain data entry test prior to their appointment. The test is to measure the speed and accuracy.
  • Some employers also provide the new recruits with some on- the- job training on the data entry procedures and all the various software used, so having some prior knowledge of these software etc. could be a positive point.

Job Requirements

  • The candidate for this position must be able to work well under pressure and towards meeting the stringent deadlines.
  • The specific job type requires that the individual possess good IT/ other computer skills.
  • The candidate must also have good interpersonal abilities.
  • It is important that the individual working at the data entry position be self motivated and have a keen sense of observation.
  • Being accurate and paying attention to even minutest details may also pose as a requirement.
  • The candidate must have good English and math skills with excellent writing skills.

These are the few basic educational and skill set requirements for all those hoping for a job as a data entry clerk.

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