Data Entry Job Requirements

The work of a person whose job profile is Data Entry is required to feed information in a computer, make use of the different machines in the office, assembling and filing the paperwork and other documents, and various other clerical duties. For such a job, a person can be employed and hired either on a full-time basis, part-time basis, working night shifts or even contractual shifts requiring him to work on a per day basis. A lot of data entry jobs allow you with the comfort of working from home. There are various other names given to data entry personnel, such as data entry clerks or keyers, typists, word processors, etc.

Education Requirements:

  • For someone who wants to have a data entry job, the minimum qualification required is completion of high school, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, on the basis of which they are further trained for the job.
  • Knowledge of basic computer application skills such as using data management software, word processing etc. is important and can be learned in schools, colleges or by the employment agencies.
  • One can use take help from the Internet or the self-help guides for additional knowledge.

Job Requirements:

  • One should be comfortable with using MS Office applications, such as MS Word, Excel Sheet, Access etc. for making spreadsheets and filing documents.
  • It is required to be constantly updated with all the technical knowledge of the various applications.
  • The job requires one to type with accuracy and tremendous speed, with a minimum of 60-70 words per minute, as demanded by most of the employers.
  • The use of English as a language, which includes pronunciation, spelling and grammar is an important detail.
  • The use of such skills enhances an employee’s work efficiency and is crucial to help one take decisions and prioritizing their work.

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