Dental Lab Technician Job Requirements

Dental lab technicians are required to prepare various dental appliances for the patients suffering from dental problems. They are skilled in preparing dentures of different sizes, artificial teeth, molds, crowns, retention plates and other such dental appliances. These professionals need to work in association with the dentists and prepare customized dentures, crowns and other things as per the instructions received from the later. It is essential for a dental lab technician to have an eye for detail in order to prepare these things. He needs to prepare these dental equipments with precession else these might not be of any use for their patients.

Education Requirement

  • It is essential to attain a high school diploma with good grades if you are aiming to get into this position. The student should choose science stream during high school; having subjects such as science and mathematics is essential.
  • Though there is no specific degree course that one needs to undergo in order to become a dental lab technician, it is suggested to go for a formal training in this field. This training program helps you specialize in this field.
  • Those with an Associate‚Äôs degree in dental laboratory technology are given more preference over the others. This program offers both practical knowledge as well as theoretical information on the subject.
  • Certain states also demands candidates to have relevant license to practice this profession.

Job Requirements

  • The candidates should have the ability to work in association with the dentists and other medical professionals.
  • Candidates should be skilled in designing various dental appliances such as crowns, molds, dental plates, different sized dentures, artificial teeth, etc.
  • Candidates must be able to communicate well and have the ability to explain their point appropriately.
  • Candidates must have complete knowledge about the dental terminology and procedures.
  • Candidates should have good listening skills.
  • Candidates should have a sound technical knowledge.

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