Electrician Job Requirements

The work and job profile of an electrician is the ability to work with the wires, transformers, electric poles, fuses, circuit breakers, etc. Electricians are required to install and establish or repair electrical devices or the wiring with the use of special tools and knowledge that they possess.

According to the information given out by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of now approximately 700,000 electricians are employed solely in the U.S., with the figure expected to increase at a steady rate. If working with wires is what interests you, but you do not know the qualifications are requirements to help you become an electrician, here is an easy guide:

Educational Qualifications:

  • You do not need a specialized graduate degree in order to become an electrician.
  • For any electrician program, the basic educational requirement for an electrician is a high school diploma.
  • You could then enroll yourself for a 4-year apprenticeship, offered by the many technical and vocational institutions.
  • Such training gives you an on-the-job feel as well as the knowledge required for the safety measure to be taken while dealing with loose wires, reading the blue prints, building codes, etc.
  • On an average, one spends about 2,000 hours training under a specialized and experienced electrician.

Job Qualifications:

  • Before they start working, they have to be licensed under the State they would work in.
  • For those working in the private sector, an additional license may be required as a permit to work in a customer’s house.
  • Contractor’s license is required by those working in the public sector.
  • A good knowledge of Math is required to make amends in a design, blue print, and make other mathematical changes.
  • Fine motor coordination along with a good physique to reach various places to rectify the wiring problems.
  • Patience to be able to listen to the customer’s whims and then solve it accordingly.

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