Engineering Job Requirements

An engineer is a professional who plans, organizes, coordinates and performs various simple and complex technical tasks at hand, so as to increase the productivity and sales of the organization.

Engineering As A Career Path

With the global specialization, the economy is shifting towards engineering and technology. With the boom in the architectural and real estate sector, the demand for the engineers is also growing up day by day. The job prospects of engineers of each and every discipline mainly electronics and instrumentation engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, architectural engineering and electrical engineering are really good. The annual pay of an engineer varies in between $50,000 to $90,000.

The general job responsibilities of an engineer are:

  • Designing, planning and supervising various constructional and architectural projects.
  • Supervising the production work in the industrial plants and factories.
  • Supervising the maintenance works of the different instruments and equipments installed in the industries.
  • Developing and implementing new ways to properly use the raw materials.
  • Testing the manufactured products to ensure as whether they meet the required quality standards or not.

Required Educational Profile For An Engineer

The required educational qualifications of an engineer are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s degree in any respective field is the minimum qualification, which is necessary.
  • Master degree in the respective field is advantageous.
  • Professional engineer licensure is an advantage.

Core Competencies Required For An Engineer

Professional Skills

  • The candidate should have the knowledge of analytical techniques in order to solve complex technical problems.
  • The candidate should have a thorough knowledge of the associated software and hardware systems that are used in his/her respective field.
  • S/he should be able to effectively manage and coordinate the work plans for the respective engineering divisions.

Personal Skills

  • S/he should be good at decision making.
  • S/he should be able to work effectively under pressurized situations.

S/he should be able to work independently as well as in a team.

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