English Teacher Job Requirements

An English teacher is an individual working in the field of academics and usually works in a school, college or a University. Their main job is to teach the subject English to the students of the educational institution in which he/she is employed. They also have to prepare the question papers for examination held in the subject English.

It is the duty of the English teacher to manage a class of students and teach them the subject following the assigned syllabus.  After the students give their English exams, an English teacher has to check the answer sheets of the students. Sometimes an English teacher may also be heading the English department of the educational institute.

Educational Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree in English is the first requirement  for this job position
  • A master’s degree in English gives better job opportunities
  • A bachelor’s in education is also helpful
  • A certificate or a diploma course in teacher’s training is required in some organizations
  • A course from a teacher’s training institute is helpful
  • An individual with PhD in English is most preferable for this job

Job Requirements

  • Must have the license issued by a State organization in order to work as a teacher
  • Must have excellent oral as well  written communication skills
  • Should possess the ability to manage a group of students
  • Should be able to finish the assigned syllabus within deadline
  • An English teacher must be motivating in nature
  • It is important for an English teacher to be impartial
  • The candidates who wish to work in this position should be very understanding in nature.
  • The candidate must have good interpersonal skills.

If an individual keeps the above education and job requirements in mind he may secure the job of an English Teacher.

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