ESL Teacher Job Requirements

ESL Teacher is required to teach English language to those who are non residents of UK, US, Canada or other English speaking countries but are intending to stay in these countries for long or may be settle down permanently in those countries.

To become an ESL Teacher it is essential to attend a degree course in teaching English as a second language which includes learning subjects such as intercultural communication and applied linguistics. One must have a good command over the English language as well as good teaching skills to acquire this position.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma is the basic requirement for these candidates
  • In order to become an ESL Teacher one requires having a bachelor’s degree in English language
  • A Master’s degree in English applied linguistics is preferred by many employers
  • Attending a program in intercultural communications is also necessary for this profession
  • One must also undergo a course in teaching the students in order to become an ESL Teacher
  • Apart from attaining the required education one also needs to have a valid license to practice this profession.
  • Certain schools specifically ask for adult education license

Job Requirements

  • The candidate aspiring to get into the position of an ESL Teacher should have good communication skills
  • These candidates must have a good command over the English language
  • In order to become an ESL teacher one should have leadership qualities
  • The candidate must have the ability to motivate the students towards working hard.
  • These candidates should have the ability to maintain decorum in the classroom.
  • These candidates must have thorough knowledge about the culture being followed at the English speaking countries
  • These candidates must have good written skills as they are required to prepare lesson plans and assignments for the students.
  • One must also be skilled in making the classroom sessions interesting.

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