Federal Air Marshal Job Requirements

A federal air marshal is a person who is employed by the transportation security administration in order to work as an armed law enforcement officer in domestic and international flights.

The major responsibility of the federal air marshals is to make sure that the passengers and the crew in an airplane are protected against any terrorist or criminals. The federal air marshals work as plain clothes officers on board the airplane.

The federal air marshal must be used to a lot of travelling as the job demands that.

Education Requirements:

  • The federal air marshal needs to have a bachelor degree in order to fulfill the requirement of a federal air marshal.
  • The federal air marshals also need to have at least a year of experience in law enforcement activities like performing criminal investigations or the evaluation to ensure that the laws are followed properly.
  • The federal air marshal needs to complete a doctoral degree in criminal justice, police science, law management or public administration. The candidates may also opt to earn a 3 year full time academic degree instead of a doctoral degree.
  • The federal air marshals need to be trained on firearms as this plays a major role in the job.
  • The federal air marshal also needs to be aware of the current laws and procedures in the country.

Job Requirements:

  • The federal air marshals need to participate in mandatory programs for physical fitness.
  • The job demands long duration of work and hence physical fitness and flexible attitude plays a major role.
  • The federal air marshals need to be good in self-defense in order to take down an unruly passenger or to protect him.
  • The candidates need to capable to use firearms in the event of terrorist attacks or threatening passenger.
  • The federal air marshals need to get accustomed to relocating as and when the agency calls for it.

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