Federal Marshal Job Requirements

A federal marshal is a person who works under the federal law enforcement agency. The primary responsibility of the federal marshal is to make sure that the federal court system is followed and protected.

The federal marshals are assigned the responsibility of making sure that the federal judges are protected. The federal marshal also needs to make sure that the prisoners are transported to the prison and the witnesses are in safety as well.

The disposal of forfeited assets is also another responsibility of the federal marshal.

Education Requirements:

  • The base educational criterion for a candidate to become a federal marshal is to hold a high school diploma.
  • The deputy U.S marshals need to have a bachelor degree and experience in law enforcement.
  • The candidates may choose to earn a bachelor degree in a field like criminology or criminal justice. A bachelor degree in law enforcement is also accepted.
  • The candidates need to have thorough knowledge about the decorum to be maintained during court proceedings.
  • The candidates need to be trained on physical fitness and tackle procedures.

Job Requirements:

  • The job demands the federal marshal to protect the judicial officials which includes the attorneys, jurors and the judges.
  • The federal marshals also need to make sure that the witness or the witnesses in the case are safe.
  • The federal marshals also need to take care of the forfeited criminal property. The federal marshals need to confiscate the property and dispose the same.
  • The federal marshals play a vital role in the transportation of criminals to the court and to the prison.
  • The federal marshals will have to undergo regular training sessions to keep them physically fit.
  • The federal marshal also needs to serve court documents while the court proceedings happen.
  • The federal marshal might have to work on rotating assignments in different areas.

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