Financial Advisor Job Requirements

Financial advisor are employed by both large as well as small firms to seek advice on financial matters. The senior management takes finance related decisions after discussing various aspects of the same with the financial advisor. A firm may have one or more financial advisors depending upon its size.

A financial advisor is involved in studying the market, going through the financial statements, understanding the financial condition of the company and performing a number of related tasks. One needs to have a degree in finance in order to get into the position of a financial advisor. Many companies and clients look for candidates who have a prior work experience of working as a financial advisor.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma is a must
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Finance is required to get into the position of a Financial Advisor
  • A Master’s degree in the field of Finance helps in fetching the position of a financial advisor in a company of good reputation and also brightens the growth prospects of the candidate
  • Undergoing a basic computer course is essential to acquire some working knowledge about the compute systems

Job Requirements

  • A candidate aspiring for the position of a financial advisor should be skilled in understanding the financial processes and procedures,
  • The candidate must have sound knowledge about working on MS Office
  • It is essential for the candidate to have good observational skills
  • The candidate must have good communication skills and the ability to explain his point well.
  • The candidate should have good decision making skills.
  • The candidate must be able to guide the senior officials appropriately.
  • The candidate should be skilled in preparing and giving presentations.
  • Candidate aiming to become a financial advisor must also have good analytical skills
  • The candidate should have the ability to manage the time well and complete the given tasks within deadlines.

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