Food Safety Inspector Job Requirements

A food safety inspector is an individual who is responsible for inspection of the process of production of food and food products at the manufacturing unit. They have to ensure that the production takes place adhering to all the food safety laws and these laws are followed in all the levels of the foods industry. They also have to inspect agricultural commodities, equipments used for processing and fishing operations in order to ensure that quality is maintained and safety measures are taken. Sometimes a food safety inspector collects samples from animals and plants in order to send them to laboratories for testing and microbiological evaluation. They may also develop programs to develop and maintain quality of food products.

Education Requirements:

  • The applicant must have an undergraduate degree in a related subject like food safety, chemistry, agriculture, biology etc.
  • A post graduate degree in agricultural and food products processing is also helpful
  • An applicant may have to undergo a food safety training
  • A candidate who wants to inspect the process of food handling needs to undergo a food handling certification course
  • Any additional certificate or diploma in the related field will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • Must be aware of rules and regulation related to food processing and food safety
  • Must have the ability to conduct quality control
  • Needs to know the way of conducting tests of products
  • Must have excellent inspection skills
  • Should be a critical thinker as needs logic and reasons to identify alternative solutions
  • Necessary to possess excellent monitoring ability
  • Needs to have good scientific knowledge
  • Candidate must have the ability to identify and solve complex problems
  • Must be good at decision making
  • Needs to have excellent coordination skills

Thus by considering the above given education and job requirements one can get employed at the position of a food safety inspector.

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