Health Inspector Job Requirements

A health inspector is an individual who is responsible for protecting the health of the working people by ensuring that health and safety standards are maintained at the workplace. It is really necessary for an organization to take safety measures so that there are no health hazards for its employees. In some factories, there are chances that the employee may meet with an injury, even sometimes leading to death if the factory does not follow safety norms. A health inspector visits the office premises of various organizations and factories to ensure that the employers comply with safety norms. They may also investigate accidents taking place at workplace and enforce the law thoroughly.

Education Requirements:

  • It is necessary for an individual to pursue bachelors degree in occupational health and safety in order to apply for this position
  • A post graduation degree or masters degree in occupational health and safety is more beneficial
  • An applicant can also pursue bachelors degree in engineering or chemistry
  • Some organizations may require the applicant to have a masters degree in industrial hygiene
  • Any course which has either physical and applied science, environmental health or food technology can also be pursued

Job Requirements:

  • It is necessary for the candidate to be certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals or American Board of Industrial Hygiene
  • An individual must have the ability to attain an understanding of legal matters
  • Must be aware of various safety norms and procedures required to be followed
  • Needs to have an understanding of industrial technology
  • Must be able to use measurement instruments practically
  • Should possess excellent investigative skills
  • Necessary to have excellent problem solving skills
  • Must have excellent written communication skills

Meeting these requirements will help an applicant to get a job in this position.

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