High School Teacher Job Requirements

A high school teacher is an individual teaching students studying in ninth to twelfth standard. They may have to prepare a curriculum for the students they teach and also ensure that the assigned syllabus is completed within a year or a term. They have to ensure that the lessons and subjects are made engaging as well as informative. They use various visual aids, projects and textbooks in order to conduct a class. Sometimes a high school teacher may have to make budgetary decisions and organize class excursions. They may also have to counsel students and update the parents about the performance of the students. They also have to ensure that the rules are followed by the students and discipline is maintained.

Education Requirements:

  • It is necessary for an applicant to have a bachelor’s degree.
  • A master’s degree in the subject in which a teacher teaches is also needed.
  • An individual who has pursued a part time or a full time post graduate degree in secondary education can also apply for the job
  • The candidate must have undergone an education program accredited by National Council for Accreditation of Teacher education or Teacher Education Accreditation Council

Job Requirements:

  • It is necessary for a high school teacher to have a state license
  • Necessary to have prior teaching experience
  • Must be aware about the disciplinary rules and procedures in a school
  • Must have a the ability to manage a class of students
  • It is necessary to possess the ability to guide adults as well as students
  • Needs to have excellent written as well verbal communication skills
  • Must have excellent organization and time management skills
  • Should have good instructional skills.

Thus, these are the requirements to get the job of a high school teacher.

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