Hotel General Manager Job Requirements

A hotel general manager is an individual who is responsible for day-to-day administration of a hotel. They are in charge of managing all the staffs of the hotels and at the same time ensure that the rules and procedures of the hotel are being adhered to. They have to keep the staff motivated to get their best performance and ensure that the hotel operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently. Sometimes a hotel manager interacts with the guests to get feedback about their stay. He may also have to take the complaint of the hotel guests. The hotel general manager may come up with ideas in order to make the stay of hotel guests more enjoyable.

Educational Requirements:

  • It is compulsory for an individual applying for the position of a hotel general manager to have a high school diploma
  • A general education or a two year degree in hospitality management is helpful
  • A bachelors degree in a field related to hospitality management or hotel management can also be pursued
  • An individual with four years business degree can also apply for this position
  • A postgraduate degree will surely prove to be an added advantage.

Job Requirements:

  • The individual must have prior work experience in the hospitality industry
  • The individual must possess excellent managerial skills
  • It is necessary to have the ability to motivate others
  • It is necessary for a hotel general manager to have excellent verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Necessary to have the ability to ensure that staffs deliver proper customer satisfaction
  • It is necessary to be a highly organized and efficient individual

Thus, if these education and job requirements are met, it will be easy for a hotel general manager job applicant to get selected for the position.

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