I.T. Project Manager Job Requirements

An I.T. project manager is the individual who has to fulfil a number of duties and responsibilities in an IT company. The official is responsible for the entire project which he or she is assigned.

The individual is also responsible for the development as well as the management aspects of the respective project. There are a number of educational and skill requirements which an individual aspiring to be appointed at the position must possess. These requirements are mentioned below in the article.

Educational Requirements

The educational qualifications required for the position of an I. T. Project manager are as follows:

  • The individual to be employed at the position must have a bachelor’s degree in information technology or in I.T. engineering. Other degree equivalent to the bachelor degree also serves the purpose.
  • A master’s level degree in the field of information technology, other related technical fields or in the field of management are also needed for the job post.
  • There are various professional certificate courses in the field of information technology which also prove to be an added advantage for the post.

Job Requirements

The skills and qualities which are required for this position are as follows:

  • The IT project manager must have good leadership skills so that he or she can lead the whole team working on the project.
  • The individual is required to have good organisational and planning skills. These are required for assisting in the project planning and organisation.
  • The individual must have complete knowledge of all the computer methodologies, languages and computer platforms. He or she must also be up to date with the new developments in the field.
  • The individual must also possess impressive communication skills which are required to work at the position.
  • The individual must have good verbal/ written skills, good management skills and good understanding of the IT sector industry.

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