Industrial Design Job Requirements

An industrial designer plays an important in designing products as well as product ideas for various types of industries. It is the duty of the industrial designer to make the products user friendly and attractive for the consumer. They work in coordination with various businesses and manufacturers and determine the requirements of a design. They come up with innovative ideas and have to create models of various kinds of tools and well as other industrial products. They have to work with various kinds of design technology and also participate in product testing. They also have to ensure that the products designed by them are safe and also stylish.

Educational Requirements:

  • The applicant needs to have a bachelor’s degree in industrial design
  • A bachelor’s degree in architecture can also be pursued
  • An applicant with bachelors degree in engineering can also apply
  • Any course that covers subjects like fundamentals of designing, styling of design and computer aided design
  • The applicant must have knowledge in designing programs like CAD systems or Pro
  • Masters degree in industrial design gives more edge
  • A degree or HND in product designing is also helpful

Job Requirements:

  • It is necessary for the applicant to have excellent designing skills
  • The individual must have an eye for shape and color
  • It is necessary to have understanding of different materials as well as of methods of production
  • Must be aware about the needs of the consumers and the way the consumers choose as well as use products
  • Must have a strong portfolio of design work
  • Needs to stay up to date with latest designing trends
  • Must have the ability to meet challenges in the working environment
  • Must be a very creative individual
  • Needs to have the ability to sketch and do technical drawings

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