Industrial Electrician Job Requirements

An industrial electrician is an individual working in an industrial environment and is responsible for installation and maintenance of wire and other electrical devices in the industrial setting. The exact work responsibility of an industrial electrician varies from one industry type to another. They are usually employed in a construction or a maintenance industry. An industrial electrician has to run electronic tests, clean circuit boards, perform inspection of circuits and replace components. They are also responsible for performing preventative maintenance like installing outlets, oiling motors and running new connections. They have to troubleshoot in cases of breakdown and fix the reason of the issue. The efficient running of the electrical connections is dependent on the service of an industrial electrician.

Educational Requirements:

  • An individual who has completed a four year apprenticeship with a licensed electrician can apply for this job position
  • The applicant can be a pass out of a four year apprenticeship program from a community college
  • Candidate who has completed Associate of Applied Science program can apply for this position
  • Candidate needs to have pursued a course in electrical wiring, blueprint reading, electricity fundamentals, electrical code and electrical controls
  • An additional bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering gives better chances of getting a job

Job Requirements:

  • The individual needs to have appeared state examination in order a licensed electrician. He should be licensed
  • Must have excellent knowledge regarding wires and electrical circuits
  • It is necessary to possess excellent technical knowledge and is up to date in the profession
  • Necessary to have good eyesight
  • Should have the ability to conceptualize as well visualize
  • It is necessary to possess analyzing skills and solve problems instantly
  • Must have the ability to give attention to detail and take initiatives
  • Need to have the ability to identify electrical faults

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