Investment Analyst Job Requirements

An investment analyst is an individual who analyses financial information of certain companies as in cash flow statements and profit and loss of the company. They have to coordinate with the investor relations team on a regular basis and also the company management. It is important for an investment analyst to stay up to date with developments of the market, investment products and all aspects affecting the market. Sometimes an investment analyst has to assess the implications of factors like natural disasters and wars on the economy. It is very important for an investment analyst to prepare research reports and make presentations after they have completed their analysis.

Education Requirements

  • It is necessary to have Bachelor’s degree in finance and business.
  • A Masters in Business Administration is always an added advantage. If the applicant is pursuing Masters in Business Administration, the specialization must be in finance.
  • A certificate course or a diploma in the field of finance or accounting is also helpful.
  • The individual aspiring to become an investment analyst can pursue courses in mathematics, statistics or economics

Job Requirements

  • An applicant applying for the job of an investment analyst should be proficient in the field of finance, statistics and economics
  • Must possess the ability to analyze financial information
  • It is necessary for an investment analyst to have excellent analytical skills
  • Must possess the ability to take important financial decisions within a very short time period
  • An investment analyst must have good verbal as well as written communication skills
  • Possessing inter personal skills is necessary
  • Basic computer knowledge is a must have as they have prepare spread sheet and handle word processors
  • Should have the ability to work within deadlines and also at odd hours

These job and education requirements will help an individual to get the job.

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