Job Advertising Requirements

Advertising personnel are required to look for new and innovative methods to promote their company/ client’s products and services. These professionals need to plan and design advertisements for their company/ client. They may be employed at a particular company or may even provide individual services to more than one client.

Advertising personnel are required to research a lot on the internet or conduct surveys and indulge in similar activities to come up with new ideas each time. One may undergo a degree in advertising design or graphic designing in order to become advertising personnel. There are a number of skills that an advertising job demands; few of these are mentioned below in detail.

Education Requirements

  • A candidate must attain a high school diploma with good grades
  • A bachelor’s degree in advertising design needs to be pursued for getting into this position
  • One may also go for a bachelor’s degree in graphic designing for becoming an advertising professional
  • An associate’s degree in advertising design or graphic designing may also fetch you a job of an advertising professional but the growth prospects are low with such qualification
  • Acquiring a Master’s degree in advertising design helps in attaining higher level positions in the advertising field.
  • It is also recommended to undergo a training program in advertising.

Job Requirements

  • An advertising professional must be creative
  • An advertising professional should have an eye for detail
  • These professionals are required to be well versed in conducting research activities Advertising professional must have the ability to understand customer psyche
  • Advertising professional should have the ability to coordinate with other professionals as needs to work in association with the marketing and promotion team
  • These professionals should be well versed in working on graphic design software.
  • Advertising professional should have thorough knowledge about the use of different colors and designs.

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