Job Requirement for a Cashier

In this time in which many industries and markets are emerging, many stores are increasingly being established and convenient stores for the ease of the customer in buying their needed things, wit this so as the needed numbers of cashiers are also increasing. In some places in which the requirement of being a cashier is having a high school diploma with some knowledge in some arithmetic operation and in the use of computer; still many employers are looking for workers with talents and skills that will be an asset for their business and for attraction of customers. Here are some requirements for those people who are looking for a job as a cashier:

  1. Had a high school diploma or a knowledge in accounting , with background in marketing skills and know how to issue credit cards and refunds
  2. Highly skilled in arithmetic problem and with knowledge in using computers in calculating all the expenses and sales of the store
  3. Highly responsible in his job and organize at all time in his place especially when handling receipts and payment certificates
  4. Had a knowledge in his work area and some standard operating procedures in solving some conflicts by the customers and  know implement the policies of the store he/she works to
  5. With good communication skills to people and attentive to customers complaints and needs
  6. With pleasing personality and friendly to his co workers and can work with them smoothly and no police record
  7. Can attract customer to come again at their store by being kind and considerate to customers

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