Job Requirement for a Teacher

Being a teacher is not only a profession but also a passion to teach the young generation of ours to shape our nation and become a good citizen of a country. With this idea, personal qualities are also needed to become a good and a model teacher to all. Here are some requirements for people who want to become a teacher some day.

  • The first thing needed to become a real and a professional teacher, is to gain the proper level of education which is to have a bachelor’s degree. In attaining a bachelor’s degree in teaching, you can choose in which subject matter you want to teach most such as math, science or history. Those who want to teach in grade levels may teach these subjects while to those who want to become high school teachers must undergo further supplemental program in their degree and need to be, major in the subject they want to teach. This student will also undergo state approved teaching programs that may enhance their teaching skills and professional enhancement such as student-teaching program or internship
  • Second after completing a bachelor’s degree and other programs in teaching, a student may now take a licensure examination to become a fully licensed and professional teacher. Licensing requirement in teaching may vary in each country but mostly you need to attain a bachelor’s degree to take an examination. If you pass the licensure examination, you may take the full responsibility as a professional teacher, or if you still want to study and learn more as a teacher, you may  take an advance course to pursue like graduate-level education in the form of a Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) or another advanced degree

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