Job Requirements for a Lawyer

Lawyers act as the implementers of law in the society. Their role are vital to all walks of life to protect the rights of others, to maintain peace and to give justice to all those victims of crime  and exploited individuals; they maintain fairness and equality to everyone especially those who are accused and convicted as criminals to give everyone a fair constitutional right. To those people who wish to become a lawyer someday, here are some requirements to take:

Education and training

All lawyers must undergo a bachelor’s degree which is mostly four year course, the only good thing of having attending a law school is there no need for major subject but most student take some pre-law fields like criminology. Most law schools are officially registered by the department of education by a country because of the sophisticated standard of their law to maintain a clean and dignified system of justice in their country so most students endure a difficult and a lot of hardship of college days so as to prepare them for their bar exam and for becoming a true lawyer


All students of law must undertake a mind blowing bar exam to be a licensed and registered lawyer. It is multi day and with different set of questions to answer; it is composed mostly of essay and sometimes multiple choice. When passing the bar exam, you are sworn to an authority approved to by the government to do an oath taking; after that you are now authorize to take the responsibility of a lawyer

Duties and responsibilities

The main role of a lawyer is to protect each and everyone their civil and constitutional rights, to protect their clients that are accuser and defendant in a court by presenting evidences while at variance in court and finally they act as advisors to their clients so as to what they must do pertaining their business or personal matters that are in jeopardy

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