Job Requirements for Nurse

Being a real and skilled nurse takes time and patience to attain. You handle a very fragile life of your patients. Here are some requirements for people who wanting to become a future nurses:

Education and license

First a student may chose to undergo a two years course if she wants to become an associate degree in nursing or a four year course to become a bachelor’s degree in nursing. After finishing these courses, a student may undergo now a licensure examination to become a full registered nurse and to practice nursing in wherever hospital she wants.


A fully licensed nurse may practice his/her profession in various setting in his place, she/he may choose as a community health nurse, hospice care nurse, a surgical nurse, a orthopedic nurse and many other specialties that a person would want to choose. There are many other areas that a nurse may choose in which field he/she is interested to.


Provides professional nursing assessment and initiates preliminary nursing care to patients and assist them for preliminary check up by the physician. Assist coworkers to meet the hospital goals and to deliver an excellent care to patients. Ascertain that all due medications and procedures are rendered to the patient timely and properly and are charged conscientiously on the right patient’s account.

Be updated with the health conditions of the patients within the scope of her accountability. Assist the team to create and maintain a safe and comfortable environment for the patient and all employees; must have knowledge on some machines and equipment on the hospital that is needed for patient care; assist the surgeon when doing some operation in patient and to maintain sterility in the area; to visit the patient at home to check his /her condition and to maintain continuity of care.

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