Legal Assistant Job Requirements

A legal assistant is one who provides assistance to a practicing lawyer. There are many activities undertaken by the legal assistant such as undertaking legal research, prepare drafts and documents as directed by the lawyer, attending meetings with clients to communicate progress of the case etc. The candidate is also required to perform many administrative duties which involve organizing the office and paper work. Even answering phone calls and queries of clients are the responsibilities of a legal assistant.

Education Requirements:

  • Having a high school diploma is necessary to acquire legal training.
  • Candidate with high school diploma can obtain legal certification from reputed institute to become a legal assistant.
  • A two year’s associates degree or bachelor’s degree in law studies from a reputed university provides better job opportunities.
  • Where the candidate seeks to obtain employment in a large legal firm it is necessary to obtain a master’s degree in law to become eligible.

Job Requirements:

  • A legal assistant is expected to possess excellent communication skills as the candidate has to communicate with various people such as clients, court staff, attorneys etc.
  • The candidate should have good research interest and skills as this is the very basis of career advancement for a legal assistant.
  • The candidate should also have good logical reasoning and analytical thinking skills to be successful.
  • Candidates who possess good problem solving skills are also preferred by many lawyers.
  • Many lawyers prefer legal assistants with work experience in a legal firm.
  • Candidates with good listening and comprehension skills are preferred as this is essential to undertake legal work directed by the lawyer in a proper manner.
  • The candidate should be capable of building goods relationship with clients.
  • A legal assistant who has an eye for detail and can multi-task is most preferred by many lawyers.

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