Life Guard Job Requirements

The job of a life guard is that of great responsibility. He is employed at beaches, water parks, swimming pools, lakes, boat clubs and other water bodies. He needs to stay vigilant during his office hours and keep a watch at the people who are swimming, boating or even roaming near the water bodies.

He is required to rescue any person who is drowning in the water. Life guards are trained in using various equipment’s to carry out the rescue operations. There is a training program and a certification that an aspiring life guard is required to undergo. Candidates having attended training and certification from American Red Cross are usually given preference when it comes to this position.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any Discipline
  • Candidate is expected to complete American Red Cross Training program to acquire Life guarding certification. It also gives the water front life guarding certification and water park life guarding certification. This certification is valid for three years.
  • Attending a course in public safety is also beneficial

Job Requirements

  • Candidate aiming to become a lifeguard should be physically fit; this is the first and foremost requirement.
  • Candidate must be an expert swimmer; he should know various swimming strokes and also underwater swimming
  • Candidate should be vigilant as even a small negligence on his part may cost a life
  • Candidate should have good communication skills as he is required to provide tips to the swimmers and people indulging in water sports before they start with these activities.
  • Candidate aspiring to become lifeguard must have strong listening ability
  • Candidate must have the inbuilt tendency to be ready to help others
  • Candidate should have complete knowledge about the safety procedures
  • Candidate aiming to become a lifeguard is required to have thorough knowledge about using life guarding equipments.

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