Medical Examiner Job Requirements

Medical Examiner is required to examine the patients who have got injured under some suspicious or bizarre circumstance. They are required to handle a number of other tasks during the course of examining the patients; these may include working with different medical equipments, studying the patient’s medical history, preparing patient’s medical reports, etc. Medical examiners may be employed at hospitals, healthcare centers or nursing homes and are required to work in association with the doctors.

Medical examiner may be required to discuss the patient’s medical condition with the doctors. One is required to undergo a relevant medical degree from an accredited medical school in order to become a medical examiner. Most hospitals look for medical examiners having some prior work experience in handling this position.

Education Requirements

  • Candidate needs to pass high school with good grades
  • Degree in Doctor of Medicine from an accredited medical school is required
  • Prior to applying for admission to the medical school it is essential to have an undergraduate degree. It is recommended to study forensic pathology elective courses at this level.
  • It is essential to complete pre-medical prerequisites in different subjects including biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics and organic chemistry.

Job Requirements

  • A candidate aiming to become a medical examiner must be skilled in working with different medical equipments
  • The candidate should have good listening skills
  • The candidate must have thorough knowledge about medical procedures
  • The candidate should have patience as he may be required to deal with anxious patients.
  • The candidate should be truthful and honest towards his profession so that the patients can trust him with their reports. It is against the ethics of the medical profession to discuss the patient’s medical reports with anyone without his/ her consent.
  • The candidate must have good observation skills so that he is able to examine the patient appropriately and figure out the exact problem.

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