Nurse Case Manager Job Requirements

Nurse case managers are the registered nurses who are involved in the social aspect of the patient health care along with the clinical aspect. These individuals have to take care of the organisational aspects of the respective case and look into the administrative side of a health care organisation. They have to coordinate the resources and services as a response to the health care needs of the respective patient.

Educational Requirements

The position of a nurse case manager requires various educational qualifications to be possessed by the individual, as mentioned below:

  • The candidate for the position must possess a bachelor’s degree in nursing, anatomy, microbiology etc. fields from an accredited institution.
  • An associate degree in nursing and other fields from an accredited institute also suffices the requirements as a bachelor’s degree; but majority organisations prefer the bachelor degree candidate over the associate degree one.
  • Some organisations may require the candidate to possess a master’s level degree in nursing from an accredited institute. Even if the master degree is not necessarily required having it improves the prospect of the individual.

Job Requirements

Various skill sets and other requirements for the job post are as follows:

  • The individual applying for the position must have basic computer knowledge so they can manage the medical database, work on spreadsheets, emails etc.
  • The individual must have complete knowledge of the ways to use the various medical equipments and must be handy with them.
  • The individual is also required to have great interpersonal and communication skills as they are required to communicate with a variety of patients.
  • The individual must also have good organisational and management skills.
  • The individual must be able to make quick and right decisions i.e. the individual must have the ability to critical thinking and the ability to decision making.

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