Nutritionist Job Requirements

Nutritionists are required to handle a number of tasks including assessing their patient’s nutritional requirements, setting diet restrictions for them, preparing diet plans, providing nutritional counseling, giving suggestions on food selection, etc. In order to become a nutritionist one is required to undergo a degree in food and nutrition or dietetics.

One may also undergo a degree in food service systems management to get into the position of a nutritionist. Many employers seek candidates having prior work experience as a nutritionist. Apart from having relevant qualification and experience it is also essential to have certain skills for becoming a nutritionist; these are mentioned below in detail.

Educational Requirements

  • Pass out from High School with good grades
  • Candidates with Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Systems Management are given preference
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Food and Nutrition or a Degree in Dietetics is equally good
  • Undergoing a Master’s Degree in Food and Nutrition helps in getting the nutritionists position in a company of good reputation.
  • It is essential to acquire statutory certification to practice this profession in certain states.
  • Some states require licensure for getting into the position of a dietician.

Job Requirements

  • Candidate aspiring to get into the position of a nutritionist must have complete knowledge about healthy food items.
  • Candidate should have good communication skills as he is required to deal directly with the clients/ patients and explain them the need to have healthy nutritious food.
  • Candidate should have good writing skills as well as he is required to prepare diet charts for the clients/ patients and complete other paper work.
  • Candidate should be confident enough to address both small and big groups of people to provide them nutritional information.
  • Candidate must also have good listening skills to listen and understand the client/ patient’s point
  • Candidate must have the ability to convince others.

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