Office Assistant Job Requirements

Office Assistant helps in handling a number of office tasks; he usually works under the supervision of an office manager and carries out various tasks as per the instructions given to him. Though it is not essential to acquire any specific degree in order to become an office assistant still if one undergoes a program in handling office tasks and has good working knowledge of computers it helps in getting a good opportunity. Candidates having a degree in business administration have good chance of growing further in this field.

Education Requirement

  • A High School Diploma is a must
  • Candidates with bachelor’s degree in any discipline may be considered for this position although those having some account, finance or marketing background are given preference
  • Candidates having an associate’s degree in office administration have an advantage over the others
  • Undergoing a basic computer course specializing in MS office is required
  • One may attend a soft skills program to brush up his/ her communication skills

Job requirement

  • Candidate aspiring to get into the position of an office assistant must have good communication skills.
  • These candidates should have good working knowledge of computers; they must be skilled in working on MS office
  • It is essential to have good listening skills and the ability to follow the instructions given by the supervisors
  • Office assistants may be required to derive work from other professionals including the vendors, administrative staff members, HR personnel, etc thus they need to have the ability to get the work done from others.
  • These candidates must have good time management skills.
  • Office assistants must be capable enough to work under pressure and be stringent to the set timelines.
  • These candidates should have quick decision making ability and good analytical skills.
  • These candidates must have an eye for detail as they are required to maintain the record of various files and papers.

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