Office Clerk Job Requirements

Office Clerk needs to handle a number of clerical tasks. In order to become an office clerk one is required to have a degree in office administration as well as good working knowledge of computers. Although certain employers do not demand any specific degree for this position; such companies provide on the job training to the candidates hired for the position of office clerk and educate them on handling various clerical tasks. One needs to be skilled in operating computers and should have a good eye for detail in order to handle this position well.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma is all that is needed to become an office clerk in certain small firms
  • A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline may help in fetching the job of an office clerk
  • Pursuing an associate’s degree in office administration helps in increasing the chances of getting an opportunity as an office clerk
  • Pursuing a basic computer course helps in getting into the position of an office clerk
  • Certain firms also require these candidates to undergo an office assistant certificate program

Job Requirements

  • Candidates aspiring to become an office clerk must have good time management skills
  • These candidates should also required to have good communication skills as he may be required to handle the client’s queries over the phone
  • These candidates should have an eye for detail as they are required to scrutinize different documents and work on them.
  • Strong computer skills are also required to become an office clerk
  • Candidates must have good knowledge of word processing
  • These candidates must have quick problem solving ability
  • These candidates must be able to complete their work within the specified timeline
  • It is essential to have good listening skills in order to handle this position well
  • These professionals should be able to handle the assigned asks single handedly or may even have the ability to work in association with the other team members.

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