Paralegal Job Requirements

A paralegal is an individual working in the field of law and supporting in the day to day task of a lawyer.  The most important duty of a paralegal is to carry out legal research in order to find out about existing cases. They also have to do research relevant to court decisions and some legal decisions passed by the court.  Sometimes a paralegal performs the duty of carrying out background check of a witness.

A paralegal also has to draft legal documents like mortgages, sale agreements, real estate closings, separation agreements and trust agreements. There are various education and job requirements that are needed to be possessed by an individual who wish to work in this job position and the details of them are given below:

Education Requirements

  • A four year degree in the field of law from a college or university is necessary
  • In order to become a paralegal an individual can pursue Paralegal Associate Degree which can be pursued after completing two years at a community college
  • Certificate programs of one year duration offered by business schools can also be pursued
  • A masters degree in Paralegal gives better job opportunities
  • The applicant may have to take certification exams in order to get a Certified Legal Assistant certificate
  • It is necessary to undergo educational programs approved by The American Bar Association

Job Requirements

  • Must possess sound legal knowledge and ability to understand legal terminologies
  • Should have great research skills as needs to research legal documents
  • Should be able to do documentation work and present their findings to the supervising attorney
  • Possessing good investigative skills is an advantage
  • Should have the ability to meet deadlines
  • Must have excellent communication skills
  • Should be flexible as they may not have fixed working hours

Thus, if an applicant meets the above requirements he can get the job of a paralegal.

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