Pharmacy Technician Job Requirements

Pharmacy Technicians are employed with pharmaceutical companies for providing technical assistance there. There are a number of tasks that a pharmacy technician is required to handle; these include working in association with the pharmacists to provide aide to the customers, manage the medication prescription, ensure the completion of administrative duties, etc.

One is required to pursue a pharmacy technology program in order to get into the position of a pharmacy technician. Candidates having some relevant work experience are given preference by most employers when it comes to hiring a pharmacy technician.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma
  • Attending a Pharmacy Technology Program helps in fetching the position of a Pharmacy Technician
  • One may also pursue a course in pharmaceutical mathematics, pharmacology or pharmacy law.
  • You may be required to pass a special examination or certification in order to practice this profession in certain states.
  • It is recommended to pursue a basic computer course to have some working knowledge of the computer systems.

Job Requirements

  • A candidate aspiring to get into the position of a pharmacy technician should have complete knowledge about reading, understanding and filling the medical prescriptions appropriately.
  • Candidate should be soft spoken and must also be able to explain his point well.
  • Candidate should know how to deal with different kinds of customers.
  • He should have good customer service skills.
  • Candidate should be efficient in scrutinizing the information written on the medical prescriptions
  • Candidate should be comfortable working in the pharmacy environment
  • Candidate must have a thorough knowledge about the medical terminology.
  • Candidate should also possess knowledge about the medical practices and concepts.
  • Candidate must be efficient in labeling packages
  • Candidate applying for the position of a pharmacy technician must have good observation skills and an eye for detail.
  • Candidate should be skilled in coordinating with other staff members.
  • Candidate should have good listening skills

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