Physician Assistant Job Requirements

A physician assistant is one who works under a physician in a hospital or a clinic. The work of a physician assistant is to provide support to the physician in providing consultation to the patients. The physician assistant is capable of undertaking the basic first level examination of the patients who come to visit the physician. The physician assistant makes note of the health issue that the patient is suffering and conducts and initial investigation by taking down temperature, blood pressure level etc. The candidate is permitted to treat small injuries and wounds under the supervision and instructions of the physician.

Education Requirements:

  • The candidate should have pursued a high school degree with science and math subjects mandatorily.
  • A bachelor’s degree in physician assistant’s program is necessary to begin with for a candidate.
  • An accredited physician assistant training program obtained from the American Academy of physical Assistants is essential to obtain a job under a reputed physician.
  • After accreditation passing the certification exam conducted by the National Commission on Certification of Physician Assistants enables the candidate to start practice under a physician.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate should have a pleasing personality as the patient first comes into contact with the physician assistant before meeting the physician. The candidate should greet the patients well and be polite in conversation.
  • The candidate should have good knowledge of medical terminology to enhance career path.
  • The candidate should possess high levels of patience in order to handle different kinds of patients who visit the physician.
  • Candidates possessing good administrative skills are preferred by physicians as they are equipped to handle the basic duties of the physician in their absence.
  • The candidate is also expected to possess good interpersonal skills which help the hospital or clinic maintain a good overall positive environment.

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