Radiologic Technologist Job Requirements

A radiologic technologist is a person who runs diagnostic imaging tests which can be used in order to identify and monitor the process of a patient. The diagnostic imaging tests that are run by the radiologic technologists help in finding out whether the patient has cancer.

The early detection of cancer helps in curing the ailment at an early stage. Few of the tests that the radiologic technologists run are mammography, MRI and CT scans.

The radiologic technologists are responsible for explaining the procedures to be followed while the tests are run.

Education Requirements:

  • The radiologic technologists need to have a bachelor degree in radiography or can also opt to do a relevant certification program.
  • The radiologic technologists may also opt for an associate degree in the field of radiography.
  • There are various programs that the candidates can choose from. There are around 35 programs in bachelor degree and 397 in associate degree programs.
  • There are around 213 certificate programs apart from the regular programs.
  • The candidates can earn and associate program from either a community college or a junior college. This program is for duration of 2 years.
  • The candidates need to have good knowledge in principles of imaging, pathology, anatomy, radiation physics and radiobiology.

Job Requirements:

  • The job of the radiologic technologist exposes the person to radiation risks. The radiologic technologists need to follow safety guidelines in order to prevent the hazards of radiation.
  • The radiologic technologists need to be fit physically because the job demands the person to be on the move at all times.
  • The radiologic technologists need to be ready for on call shifts which may be required in a few centers.
  • The radiologic technologists also need to make sure that the handle the patients with care while moving them towards and away from the test table or the equipment.

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