Radiologist Job Requirements

In order to become a radiologist one requires undergoing a degree in radiology from an accredited medical school. In addition to this one also requires a license to practice this profession. These professionals require a thorough knowledge about the use of radiology equipment’s  Radiologists may further special in chest radiology, breast imaging, emergency radiology, cardiovascular radiology, gastrointestinal radiology, radiation oncology, pediatric radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, nuclear radiology or interventional radiology.

Education Requirement

  • The candidate needs to have a high school diploma
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited medical school is required to get into this profession
  • A radiologist may undergo a degree course to specialize in any of the fields including emergency radiology, cardiovascular radiology, gastrointestinal radiology, pediatric radiology, neuro radiology, interventional radiology, head and neck radiology, musculoskeletal radiology, radiation oncology or chest radiology.
  • Attending a one year internship program as a part of the radiology course is also essential
  • Clearing the radiology licensing exam is also an essential requirement for becoming a radiologist
  • Certain specialized radiology fields also require further certification

Job Requirement

  • A radiologist must be skilled in dealing with different kinds of individuals as he needs to handle patients with different temperaments.
  • A radiologist needs to be skilled in using different radiology equipment’s.
  • A radiologist must have knowledge about maintaining radiology equipment’s properly so that they can be used over and over again.
  • A radiologist should have patience and he may be required to deal with anxious and hyper patients.
  • A radiologist is required to have good communication skills.
  • A radiologist should have the ability to coordinate with other professionals
  • A radiologist must be well versed with the radiology process
  • A radiologist should have good listening ability
  • A radiologist must have good problem solving ability
  • A radiologist should be skilled in making quick decisions for which he should have a great presence of mind.

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