Research Analyst Job Requirements

A research analyst is a person who analyses financial conditions and forecasts the financial stability and strategies in a company. The research analyst finds jobs majorly in banks, companies that provide insurance and business media.

The research analysts provide expert guidance on investment ventures. The job of a research analyst demands strong math and analytical skills in order to assess the economy and provide productive strategies.

The research analysts make use of various mathematical models in order to derive a strategy that would benefit the company that they work for.

Education Requirements:

  • The minimum requirement for a research analyst would be a bachelor degree in the field of finance or economics.
  • The research analysts also need to have sound knowledge on computers in order to make use of various accounting software and reporting tools.
  • The candidates that wish to obtain jobs in large firms would need a master degree in the field of business, finance, accounting or economics.
  • The research analysts must be trained in using reporting tools and accounting software.
  • The candidates should possess strong skills in math and analysis. They should also be current on the laws and events in the financial sector.
  • The candidates should be trained in paying attention to detail and spotting trends.

Job Requirements:

  • The job of a research analyst requires the candidate to be comfortable with all software related to the job.
  • The research analysts also need to implement various analytical techniques in order to break down problems into smaller chunks.
  • The need for independent research is also a job requirement for the research analysts.
  • The research analysts need to understand scenarios and identify patterns in order to arrive at a solution.
  • The research analysts need to provide well designed forecasts.
  • The candidates also need to think creatively and provide solid strategies that can be implemented.

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