Restaurant Server Job Requirements

A restaurant server is a person who serves food and beverages to the customers that come to the restaurant.

The job of a restaurant server demands a pleasant look, neat attire and a pleasing attitude. The restaurant server may come across different types of customers and must be capable of handling all situations spontaneously.

The restaurant server is a representative of the brand of the restaurant and needs to make sure that the reputation of the restaurant does not get tainted.

Education Requirements:

  • The job of the restaurant server does not require any formal education.
  • Most restaurants hire people who have a high school diploma, few restaurants look for a candidate who holds a degree.
  • The candidates who are in high school are hired as part time employees to work in restaurants.
  • The candidates who wish to take up a career in the same field need to have a degree in a relevant field. This would enable them to get a promotion in the job career.
  • The candidates need to undergo training to develop their communication skills as this plays a vital role in the job of a restaurant server.
  • The candidates could also take up vocational training on customer service skill development.

Job Requirements:

  • The restaurant servers need to have thorough knowledge about the restaurant that they work in and the menu that they serve.
  • The restaurant servers need to take special care while handling multiple customers and make sure that the order and the bill reach the appropriate customers.
  • The restaurant servers may also need to prepare foods and hence a fair knowledge on cooking is necessary.
  • The restaurant servers may also need to remove plates and assist in cleaning n a few restaurants.
  • The restaurant must be physically fit as the job demands physical activity throughout the day at work.

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