Software Development Manager Job Requirements

A software development manager is a position at which the individual has to oversee and manage the entire team of developer. He or she has to oversee the development functions, the design functions and the other operations of the software team. The manager has to cater to a wide variety of other requirements. The individual thus needs to possess various educational qualifications and a set of skills for the position.

Educational Requirements

Given the technical and the managerial nature of the job position there are certain educational qualifications needed for the job position of software development manager and these are as follows:

  • The software development manager position requires an individual to have at least a bachelor’s degree in the fields of software development, computer science, computer engineering or any other related field.
  • Some organisations also require the individual to have a master’s level degree in the fields of computer sciences or in the field of management.
  • A few professional diploma/ certificate courses or the associate degrees in the computer science field may also suffice as an educational requirement.

Job Requirements

Various skill sets needed for the job post are as follows:

  • The software development manager must have thorough knowledge of various computer software languages, the software platforms and the new/ advanced methodologies.
  • The manager must be capable of handling the tasks related to the hiring, training and evaluation of the staff.
  • The manager is required to possess strong managerial and leadership skills to help him in leading the whole team.
  • The manager must have good written as well verbal communication skills which are required for communicating with all the various levels of management.
  • The candidate must have good organisational skills.

There may be certain other requirements which may be specific to the respective organisation/ field for the job post of software development manager. 

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