Sous Chef Job Requirements

A sous chef is one who is next in hierarchy to the head chef in a restaurant or hotel kitchen. There are many crucial responsibilities that the sous chef performs such as preparation of special dishes, sending food through waiters to be served to customers on time, guiding and supervising the activities of kitchen staff, creating time schedule for various activities in the kitchen, ensure quality of food at all times, proper plating of food etc.  The candidate also has to maintain the standards of the kitchen by providing valuable inputs in creating dishes, plating, decoration etc as may be necessary.

Education Requirements:

  • A high school qualification is the basic necessity for a sous chef profession.
  • A bachelor’s or associates degree in culinary arts is essential.
  • Acquiring a two year program in sanitation and safety or food preparation and baking is an added advantage for the candidate.
  • Candidates who have five years of experience in a restaurant or hotel are eligible to obtain certification from the American Culinary Federation.

Job Requirements:

  • The candidate wanting to become a sous chef must have good knowledge of various food ingredients and their use.
  • The candidate should also possess good leadership skills in order to be able to lead the staff members in the kitchen for a productive result on a daily basis.
  • The sous chef should have good chopping skills besides having good taste and smell in order to dish out tasty food items.
  • The sous chef has to display good time management skills as customers will be happy when food is served on time without any delay.
  • Even administrative skills are necessary as the sous chef has to manage the activities of the kitchen for the entire day which involves organizing and planning for many essential things required to prepare food.

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