Tax Preparer Job Requirements

Tax preparer is required to assist his clients in preparing tax related documents. He is also involved in handling a number of other tasks such as keeping a constant eye on the market and the latest tax news, working in association with the tax accountants, meeting various clients, going through the tax documents prepared by the clients and editing the same, if required. Tax preparer is required to be very careful while preparing these papers as even a small mistake at his part can result in huge losses. Tax preparer is required to deal directly with the clients and this is the reason why it is essential for him to have good communication skills and the ability to build a rapport with others.

Education Requirements

  • A high school diploma with good grades is essential if you aim to become a tax preparer. It is recommended to choose business studies and accounts as major subjects during the high school.
  • One is recommended to go for a bachelor’s degree in accounts.
  • A master’s degree in the finance field helps in acquiring the position of a tax preparer.
  • Certain states may require the candidates to clear a special screening test to acquire license for practicing this profession.

Job Requirements

  • The candidates are expected to have good knowledge about the accounting and taxation terms.
  • It is essential for these candidates to have good knowledge about the taxation procedures.
  • The candidate must also have good communication skills as the job requires dealing directly with the customers.
  • The candidate should have good observational skills and an eye for detail.
  • The candidate should be keen on learning new things and staying updated with the latest in the taxation field.
  • The candidate must be able to explain his point properly to the clients and should be confident enough to deal with customers from different professional fields.

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