Technical Recruiter Job Requirements

One is required to have a degree in technical field and also some experience in conducting recruitments in order to become a Technical recruiter. Candidates having some prior work experience of working as a technical recruiter are given preference over those who have not handled this position earlier. The main job responsibility of a technical recruiter is to conduct interviews for filling the technical positions of the firm he works with. There are a number of other tasks which he is required to handle during the course of conducting these interviews and hiring candidates for the technical positions.

Education Requirements

  • A High School Diploma is required to start with
  • Degree in technical field such as information technology or computer science is helpful in attaining the position of a technical recruiter
  • Attaining a degree in business administration specializing in the Human Resource field also increases the chances of getting a chance to work as a technical recruiter though it is not a mandatory requirement
  • Attending a basic computer course is essential as the task involves working on the system
  • Attending a training program in soft skills is also useful to enhance the communication skills

Job Requirements

  • Candidate interested in getting into the position of a technical recruiter should have good communication skills.
  • Candidate must have sound technical knowledge in order to judge the candidates on their technical expertise
  • Candidate should have good observational skills to identify the right candidate
  • Candidate should be good at judging the caliber of the applicants applying for different technical positions
  • Candidate must be efficient enough to cross question the applicants at different points during the interview
  • Candidate should have effective communication skills and the ability to lead the discussion.
  • Candidate must have knowledge about technical terminology as he may be required to use the same during the interview.

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